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Un-mute for sound.




A German Nocturne

"A German Nocturne" combines the theme of Haydn's "Emperor" quartet with a touch of Chopin's style. It was my first composition created entirely through rational thought on paper, without using any instruments. This piece provides a smooth, thoughtful backdrop, ideal for moments of reflection.


Buena Vista Techno Club

"Buena Vista Techno Club" is a track where I experimented with my love for Cuban music and rhythm, blending them with techno elements to create something both strange and captivating. This was a fun way to fuse lively Cuban beats with the pulsing energy of techno, crafting a sound that's uniquely my own and perfect for any dance floor.



I Fell

"I Fell" is a pop track I composed originally for a live performance at my graduation. the rhythm and tonality are inspired by a bar from my favourite prelude by J.S. Bach. 

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